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We Work for You

Home inspections & consultation are our only business. We are impartial and work only for you. We have no affiliation with any real estate interest or contracting firm. Our job is to provide you with a comprehensive, fair, independent, objective evaluation. Your interests are our interests before, during, and after the inspection for as long as you own the property.

New Homes Inspection and Remodeling Inspection

Quality Control Advisors

Buying or building a new house?

In a new home, the quality of construction is often not what it used to be some years ago, therefore many buyers have independent reviews of their properties during various stages of the construction process, including backfill/drainage, pre-drywall, and final inspection. These inspections protect your purchase, prevent unpleasant surprises, and ensure the quality home that you’ve dreamed about. If you were unable to have any inspections during the construction process, you should always have inspect the final product.


The traditional American ethos: buy yourself a new home, but then remodel it! We seem to have an instinctual anthropological need to shape and improve our surroundings. Everyone wants to put their stamp on their new home. That makes it yours!

reminds both do-it-yourselfers and homeowners hiring contractors that professional Home Inspectors make excellent Quality Control Advisors. The sooner we’re involved, the more we can help. Let us be your independent advisor before or during your remodeling project and prior to final payment to the contractor. Another independent set of eyes is worth the extra expense.

Founder, Claxton Walker and namesake of , along with a small group of entrepreneurs, were the original developers of this industry, which we now call Home Inspections. is the oldest continually owned and operated Home Inspection Company in the Mid-Atlantic area.

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