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We Work for You

Home inspections & consultation are our only business. We are impartial and work only for you. We have no affiliation with any real estate interest or contracting firm. Our job is to provide you with a comprehensive, fair, independent, objective evaluation. Your interests are our interests before, during, and after the inspection for as long as you own the property.


Client Comments

Referrals and client feedback are important tools for any business. We at are no exception and we value all of our client’s comments - both good and bad. As nice as it is to know when we have done a good job, it is always important to hear of things we might improve. Comment postcards are mailed out to each client after each inspection and in addition we also receive e-mails and comments through our web site.

        Joseph Walker 

"I wanted to thank you for your thorough inspection we bid on.  It was naturally upsetting to hear there were so many problems, but certainly better to find out before making a commitment than once we were living three wading through water...the inspection was a fantastic learning experience for me and your PDF showing diagrams of how thing should have looked was extremely helpful."

Rockville, MD April 2014


"Excellent & thorough work by Skip."

Annapolis, MD July 2013

"As continues, this inspection was so important to knowing the property and working with the seller to correct conditions he was aware of or had not addressed.  And, I know what to anticipate, to repair before I take occupancy, and to budget for in the future.  Walking the property with Skip is an opportunity and I always take careful notes and retain.  I do not anticipate a future address, but would not purchase a property without walking it with Skip or a Walker Associate."

Annapolis, MD January 2013

"We were delighted to have an extraordinary home inspection professional examine our prospective next home.  Skip Walker, provided us with a detailed and clear information about the negatives and positives about he home, both verbally and in a written report.  From his report, we have a repair template to follow for immediate repair issues and ones that need/should be considered in the near future.  It is our pleasure to recommend Claxton Walker for home inspection services."

Baltimore, MD July 2012

"Greatly appreciated the ability to arrange the inspection on short notice.  Skip shared much knowledge during the inspection and provided a thorough and understandable report.  I'm actually looking forward to making the recommended repairs!"

Potomac, MD July 2012



 William Walker

" Billy was very thorough and knowledgeable.  We are grateful for his insights, and for the fact that he talked through what he was seeing and evaluating.  It will be very valuable to us as we manage/maintain our first home."

Bethesda, MD April 2015

"I learned a lot about the construction and potential operation and maintenance of the house while walking through the property with Billy Walker and by reading his report"

 Sherwood Forest, MD October 2014

"Very Knowledgeable and thorough.   Noticed a number of items that we would not thought to look for ourselves.  Took the time to explain all items to us during the walk through.  Would definitely recommend in the future."

Brookesville, MD June 2014

" The services that i received from Bill Walker far exceed my expectations.  He was knowledgeable, patient and understands the meaning of providing good service to his customers.  I was so pleased with the service I have already recommended a friend to call to schedule an inspection"

Washington DC May 2014

"Billy is a jovial and skilled inspector who answered all my questions and is clearly a master of this craft."

Washington DC May 2014




Gregory Cox


"We wanted to thank you so much for the inspection! We learned a great deal from following you through the house,and enjoyed getting to meet you! The report is so thorough yet easy to read, even for me, a home-buying novice. Getting the report back on the same day was a great surprise, as well.

Thanks again!"

Hyattsville, Md.  June 2015


"Greg did a great job.  He was very thorough and did an excellent job of explaining all of the required repairs he wrote into the report.  He was a real pleasure to work with.  Thank you!"

Washington DC October 2014

" Thank you so much for the followup.  Your pointed out a lot of stuff that we never would have even know to look for.  We really appreciate your time and expertise."

Baltimore, MD July 2014

"Awesome inspector.  Took the time to answer my questions and discuss potential impact on property.  Loved the comprehensive and readable report."

Springfield, VA July 2014

"Inspector was friendly and extremely knowledgeable.  He went above and beyond to explain what was going on and to answer questions that we had."

Clarksville, MD June 2014

"We were very satisfied with the inspection Greg Cox preformed.  It was a very informative home inspection, he answered our several questions with great knowledge on each subject.  The report is very helpful, we really liked the illustrations and explanations, we will refer to the report often once we move in to the property."

Gaithersburg, MD June 2014

" We appreciate your hospitality, candor and expertise and professionalism.  You were no oly early to our appointment but you answered without hesitation or pretense.  You vividly explained potential and current concerns with patience and care.  Our experience was painless, informative and enthusiastic.  We will gladly recommend Claxton Walker & Associates."

Bowie,MD March 2014














Founder, Claxton Walker and namesake of , along with a small group of entrepreneurs, were the original developers of this industry, which we now call Home Inspections. is the oldest continually owned and operated Home Inspection Company in the Mid-Atlantic area.

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